Analyze the disk usage for your SharePoint Site Collection

Getting a handle on the disk usage on your SharePoint farm is not the most straightforward thing to do out of the box. SharePoint, well, MOSS, offers up a solution to analyze the usage of your farm with the _layouts/storman.aspx page.  This admin page has two drawbacks.  First, this is only available if you have quotas turned on in your Web Application.  Second, it doesn’t give you much information on a site-by-site basis.  And since it only lets you view 100 items at a time, copying the data to Excel to do a little self-analysis isn’t practical.

So what does one do?  This is where the Space Monitor comes in.  With this application, administrators can now look at a Web Application and see what kind of disk space the sites (and subsites and lists and libraries) is being used.

How does it work?

The SharePoint API contains a method to return information on every item in a Web Application.  If you’re familiar with the storman.aspx page, this is the same data presented there.  There is also a method to return the size of the content database which is what the quota is based off of, not the actual size of your items.  Taking these two sources of data, the SharePoint Space Monitor puts this information together in a format that is more useful for SharePoint Administrators to analyze.

How do I get it?

Below is a link to the ZIP file for the Space Monitor. To run the app you will need a registration code. This can be obtained by filling out the form on the right side of most pages on the site. For v3.0, you can 1 free trial code. The code will last a month. For those users that have donated to the application, a non-expiring code will be given.

Click here to download.