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SharePoint Space Monitor v3.0

Discover what sites in your site collection are taking up the most space. Analyze your site collection on a site-by-site basis and view items down to the list and document level to determine where your disk space is being used.. or misused.
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SharePoint User Auditor

Determine how users are accessing your site and no longer fear the “making this user the same as that user” request or the “how is this person still accessing the site” question. See a user’s permission settings on your site from the AD Group to the SharePoint Group down to individual user access.
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SharePoint Variations Editor

Save your Variations-based site collection and save your ass after Variations eats itself. Analyze your Variations-enabled site and determine which variations settings are currently corrupt. Then fix them, all in one app.
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SharePoint Space Monitor v2.x

The previous version of the SharePoint Space Monitor has been discontinued. For support purposes, the previous version can be found here. For those who have non-expiring codes, new codes will be provided. However, no new trial codes for this version will be issued.
Download the SharePoint Space Monitor