SharePoint Space Monitor for 2013?

November 2, 2013lsuslinkyTickerNews

For those out there wondering if the SharePoint Space Monitor will work on SP 2013, the short answer is No.  I’ve been working on getting the app working on 2013 but there is one weee problem: the main API call no longer works.

The SharePoint Space Monitor was built around the SPSite.StorageManagementInformation function.  This one call returned ALOT of information about a SP Site.  So much so that Microsoft depreciated it for SP 2010 and made it obsolete for 2013.  Does the code compile?  Yes.  Does it work?  No.  I know that other API calls have been created to replace the SPSite.StorageManagementInformation function.  I’ve just not had time to integrate them into the code.

I’m working on it.  But it will take a while.

Coming soon…

April 25, 2013lsuslinkyTickerNews

Some of you may have noticed that the “end is near” post has been removed.  That’s right, it’s been a good month here at SCMODsoft and the site will continue.  Thank you all very much.

In addition to the site continuing on, some new features will be coming online in the near future:

  • A new version of the User Auditor geared for Windows 8 is in development.  This version will be aimed at SharePoint from 2007 to 2013!
  • A new checkout/donation method is on its way.  Gone will be the Paypal donation format.  It will be replaced by a Stripe-backed checkout.  Not only will this streamline the process for getting a non-expiring code, it will force SCMODsoft to grow up and become a full time business.
  • A new product line!  New to SCMODsoft will be the SharePoint SiteMap Generator.  This is a SharePoint WSP that will install a Timer Job that automatically generates a Google SiteMap for your SharePoint site.  This comes in three versions: 2007 (free), 2010 (not freee), and 2013 (again, not free).  Keep an eye out for these new products soon.

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SharePoint User Auditor updated to v2.0.1

A couple of bugs were squashed.  That’s all.  Feel free to grab the latest and greatest from the downloads section.

SharePoint User Auditor – Now up to 100% bigger!!!

It took a little bit to get working, but the User Auditor has been updated to allow the main window to be resizable!  Yes, it’s basic functionality that should have been included in the initial release.  Nobody’s perfect.  :-)

To get this new functionality, please re-download the EXE

Beta Expired Error Message

Some of the downloads for the new User Auditor may come up with error messages about the Beta period of the program expiring. An old copy of the EXE was on one of the servers. Please re-download the EXE.  This has been corrected.

Our apologies for this inconvenience


SharePoint User Auditor 2.0 has been released!

The latest version of the User Auditor has been released!  Please go to to read about the new features and to download the latest release.

SharePoint User Auditor 2.0 Beta 2

Ok. If you’ve tried out the previous Beta for the User Auditor then you may have noticed that it no longer works. Well, I have a new Beta out and this version is much better than the previous. Here’s what I noticed after releasing the first Beta:

  • It was a memory hog!
  • It was slow
  • It didn’t like large sites

This is why I had to effectively scrap most of the code and tweak the app a good bit to get it where it is useful.  This is where it is now:

  • It’s faster.  In fact, it’s faster than v1.0.
  • It uses less memory than the previous Beta (i.e. it won’t crash your system with an out-of-memory error)
  • It uses a database (more on this later) to store site data

All in all, it’s better, faster, leaner.  We had the technology.  We improved it.

As mentioned above, the application uses a SQLite database as a back-end storage vehicle for the data scanned via Web Services.  Right now, this means that only those of you still running a 32-bit version of Windows can use the Beta.  Sorry about this, but I havne’t complied for 64-bit yet.  It’s coming.  Just not right now.

The database back end allows for two things: first, speed of analysis.  By using the Web Services only to return raw data and store that data in the database, analysis runs at the database speed and not web services speed.  This is good for poking around different sites.  Before, constant return trips to the Web Services were required.  Now it’s just the database.  Second, some of these scans take a while.  I have one that takes 35 minutes (under v1 it was 53 minutes!).  The security on this site doesn’t change very often.  Now, the app will be able to save and re-use previous scans.  This will save ALOT of time if you have to re-scan the same site over and over.  Scan it once use often.

From there, the app has a few new features.  The menu is still useless and the Reporting tool isn’t fully functional.  But it will show you your users and the most likely deleted (from AD) users (red highlight).

So enjoy.  The link is the same as before, but in case you forgot, here it is again:

This will be valid until 6/6/2012.

It’s out!



SharePoint User Auditor 2.0 Beta

For some time now, the has been the odd statement about the next version of the User Auditor being in development. For the most part, this meant that the SUA2.0 release was vaporware. Well, that’s changed. For those of you interested in seeing what how the latest and greatest of User Auditors is shaping out, the Beta for the User Auditor has been placed online. The link is below.

New features in 2.0:
- Better performance (Yay, it’s faster!)
- Filter users by permission level
- Groups filtered by selected site
- Group permissions shown

Possible features in 2.0:
- Editing user permissions from the GUI

Missing features in the Beta:
- The menu is disabled
- No registration codes can be entered (it’s a beta after all)
- Exporting is not enabled (it was occasionally buggy in 1.0 so it’s being re-written and it’s not done yet)

Things to note about the Beta:
- There may be some odd error messages in use here. Sorry.
- I am NOT collecting information on how you use the Beta.
- For all the chess players out there… the Beta uses Chess pieces to denote permission level. I am aware that I rank the Knights just above Pawns in showing rank. I understand that many people value Knights in chess and that the ordering in the application implies that the Knights are less valuable than Bishops. You may feel differently. I personally value Bishops more and therefore the app shows that. I will apologize now if this ranking offends you. :-)

So without further adoooo,

Click here to download the Beta

Hope you like it.

SharePoint User Auditor v1.5 published

The latest version of the v1.x generation of the User Auditor has been placed online. This version adds a new CSV Export/Report that will give a more exhaustive look into the data presented by the User Auditor.

This release also represents the end-of-life for the v1.x generation of the application. Work has begun on v2.0 so all future updates will be held off until v2.0 is released.