About SCMODsoft

SCMODsoft is a group of application developers who wrote applications to fill needs we had when working on our SharePoint environments. As work got around about these applications, we found that our needs were similar to the needs of others in the SharePoint community. So we released them into the wild. Perhaps you’ve been to the original blog.

For us, our primary focus is on the development of tools for SharePoint. Most of these tools have been available on the internet for years as freeware offerings. While this has worked well for the last few years, we felt it was time to make a more formal effort at it. With that idea, SCMODsoft was born. We hope you like us.

Please feel free to browse the application pages and see if some of our tools can help you in your administration role. If you like the apps, please feel free to help us out with a donation.

What’s “the mission”?

Primarily, our mission is to provide the SharePoint community with quality tools that will help administrators with common problems. But it’s also a play on out our name. Some of you might get it. If not, it’s ok. Don’t get too Blue about it, Brother.